ONEOHONE productions are collaborative from start to finish.

The process starts with Asia Osborne (Artistic Director), Eleanor Rushton (Creative Producer) and the seed of an idea. It could be a poem or a fairytale, a news story or an anecdote. Something that sparks our interest and which seems to speak to choices made or not made.

Using a devising process developed over a decade in collaboration, Asia and Eleanor start to explore how the world of each new show might work. What are the rules? What do people want? Through this, they construct a blueprint of a show, considering how an audience could engage with the choices that forge its narrative.

Once this has been established, we enter the rehearsal room. Together with the actors, we dig into the corners of the show, finding the moments that mean the most and ways to elicit audience response. We want each audience member to feel empowered, not forced. We want them to respond, to protect, to defeat, to show allegiance because they want to.

Once all the actors know the world and know the rules, we invite test audiences to ruffle things up a bit. The clarity of the world and the characters we have created is put to the test, as is the cast’s ability to respond truthfully, honoring audience choices.

By the time a ONEOHONE show is ready to run, it is streamlined but not polished. It remains reactive and ready to respond to each totally unique person that walks through the doors. That is what makes the shows so special and – truly – like nothing else you’ve ever seen.