Do you seek purpose? Do you want to be one of the chosen few? Come, Friend, and join us for a once in a lifetime opportunity.’

Something is stirring.  From beneath, it rises.

CULT, played at The Pleasance between 14-16th October as part of the London Horror Festival 2019:

“You are invited to attend a secret meeting for the favoured few.

“Over 70 minutes, a smiling representative from RISE will induct you to an exclusive club that claims to empower its members.But some in attendance have serious concerns about who RISE really are and what they are hiding.

“CULT encourages interaction with characters throughout the show, meaning that audience members have the power to shape its outcome.

“Will RISE manage to gain a host of new and loyal members? Or will its leaders fall and the true purpose of the organisation be revealed?”

CULT ran from October 14th-16th 2019 at The Pleasance, 9.30pm

“We were inspired by the growing power of group-think in the media today. We want to challenge our audience to make choices. The rewards are there for them, if they do,” Asia Osborne, Director

CULT is an exploration of what it means to comply or to rebel. We are excited to bring this unique and exciting new show to the Pleasance as part of London Horror Festival,” Eleanor Rushton, Producer.