One By One

You are cordially invited to test a brand-new data security programme. It promises absolute cyber freedom and the right to assert and control your online identity – but once the test begins, it becomes rapidly apparent that the system has already been corrupted. A ‘you’ already exist.

Suspend disbelief and join a dystopian future: audience members have been hacked, and must embark on a hunt around central London to track down the doppelgangers and reclaim their identities before it’s too late.

‘One By One’ is an interactive hour-long promenade journey, exploring the disconnect between online and offline identities and inspired by the right to be forgotten. All journeys begin at the Tristan Bates before setting out into the West End, and are for one audience member at a time. Dress for the outdoors.

Praise for ‘One By One’:

One by One is one of the most unique and exciting theatre experiences I’ve had … this is about as immersive as a night at the theatre can get: charting dystopian territory similar to Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, the play takes the sort of audience participation seen in James Graham’s Privacy at the Donmar last year to the next level, catapulting an audience of one through a series of intense scenarios with a host of characters ranging from the eerily clinical to the downright shady.” – Exeunt Magazine

“Very fast-paced and exhilarating … eye-opening and thought-provoking.” – Broke in the Big Smoke

“It gave me much more to talk about on the way home than most theatre does … using the oldest art form, storytelling, to build a vision the future isn’t radical in itself, but their use of technology to create a more holistic theatre experience is. ”

“ONEOHONE are a theatre company to keep your eye on over the coming months and years. They don’t just think out of the box, they hack the box and leave it in a corner thinking to itself, ‘damn…I should have been paying attention’.” – After Nyne

Londonist pick of fringe theatre for May.


Emma is hosting a mixer and you’re invited! Under the guidance of one of Jane Austen’s most beloved heroines, audience members will be led through games and riddles designed – in Emma’s opinion – to find them their perfect match. However, other characters have turned up to play and the path to true love never did run smooth.

Praise for ‘Emma’:

“It is a brilliant, witty and fun adaption that allows for the audience to participate and improvise while also telling a coherent story. Even better, it is an enjoyable experience even for those who are not acquainted with Jane Austen’s work.” – Everything Theatre, ★★★★

“I would recommend this play to anyone looking for a bit of a laugh and an entertaining evening – provided that they are prepared to risk joining in a bit themselves!” – DailyInfo

“Oneohone Theatre Co. did not fail to impress with their production of Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ … The performance, skilfully directed by Asia Osborne, made for a thoroughly interesting modern adaptation of the classic tale.” – Oxford Theatre Review


Soldier Woyzeck is close to the edge. He’s allowing himself to be used for medical testing, submitting himself to daily indignities, and beginning to lose his grip on reality. Meanwhile, his wife Marie is staring out of her window, holding their child, and dreaming about being anywhere else.

Georg Büchner died at just 23 years old, before ‘Woyzeck’ was fully complete. A new in-house translation from ONEOHONE invited an audience to stroll, run, and march with the characters.

We performed Woyzeck in August 2012 at St Andrew’s Church, Holborn, London.

Praise for ‘Woyzeck’:

‘…pepper[ing] moments of raw and unyielding intensity with delicate and tender ones… the performers’ interaction with the lighting and sound within the space, aided by some fantastic performances, makes for an exciting and refreshing retelling of the Woyzeck story.’ – A Younger Theatre

USA 2011

In the summer of 2011 we performed ‘101’ as Visiting Artists at Northwestern University, Chicago, USA. It was a fantastic experience, and something we’re keen to repeat soon. Check out our tour video to hear feedback from audiences and snippets from our Q&A session chaired by Michael Rohd, founder of Sojourn Theatre Company.


ONEOHONE’s first traditional performance was an in-house adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2010. In the show, the vampire is re-imagined as an unseen presence, dominating the fragmented consciousness of the inmates of Seward’s asylum.

Just as Stoker’s classic is pieced together out of letters and diaries, the inmates soon take it upon themselves to divine the truth from their scattered memories. What begins as an exploration of the past becomes a nightmare as events thought long gone re-assert themselves in the present. As the boundaries between performance and reality break down, the danger may be closer than any of them guess. Only Renfield, the most unhinged of the ‘sleepers’, may be alert to the presence in their midst.

Dracula draws on Romantic and Victorian conceptions of the vampire to create a world where Carmilla, Lillith and Coleridge’s Christabel join the cast of Stoker’s original to piece together the fate of the Harkers and Holmwoods at the close of the 19th century.

Dracula enjoyed a sell-out run and was awarded a commendation for design by the Methuen Emerging Artist’s Competition.