ONEOHONE’s third series of 101 shows, 101: Justice has been developed over the past year and a half.

101: Justice will be comprised of:

‘Save Me’. The job is yours. A dark house. A child crying. And something moving in the shadows. Can you stay the course?…from the dark; innocence crumbles. You are my teacher.

‘Bind Me’. Welcome to the ceremony. You are blessed, and you are loved. There’s just a little way to go until completion.

‘Know Me’. …at my worst to know me at my best.  Peel away my skin.

‘Find Me’. …under the moon; chase me laughing through the trees. Keep true, love.

We’ll be dropping hints about the new scenarios on Twitter, so stay up to date by following @oneohonetheatre.

101 is a series of fully interactive shows. In 101, a small audience is directly involved in an interactive performance grounded in the fundamental values of traditional and classical storytelling. Guided by the cast using a mixture of suggestion technique, physical theatre and improvisation, every audience member is personally involved in the performance.

101 places heavy emphasis on personal choice and the consequences of one’s own actions. By blurring the lines between the ethics that guide our daily lives and the heightened reality of play, the piece aims to shorten the distance between actor and audience.